Amazing Eats in Macau

When most people hear about the ‘Vegas of Asia’, they automatically think about gambling. However, apart from the casinos, you will discover a unique blend of culture in the ‘Vegas of Asia’, which is Macau. Together with Portuguese street names and European style squares, discover the unique Macanese cuisine which will excite your taste buds.

Pork Chop Buns

Taste Macau’s version of the hamburger which is: pork chop buns. You can purchase these simply anywhere and enjoy the simple fried pork chop cooked in a simple marinade and stuck between a soft, warm bun. You can also add more toppings to it, but this is an option.

Imagine being in the old Taipa Village at the Tai Lei Loi Kei restaurant, where they in fact created this delicious sandwich in 1968, where you can enjoy a good meal.

Dim Sum

Even if Dim Sum is not really a Macanese creation, it is said that Macau’s Dim Sums are much better than those in Hong Kong. This dish is present nearly everywhere from the streets to the big restaurants. However, the Dim Sum at The Eight is worth trying, since it is the only Michelin-rated Chinese restaurant in Macau. They make more than 40 different varieties of the Cantonese classic version of the dish. How about enjoying a delicious Dim Sum with family and friends at The Eight in Macau during this holiday season?

Sawdust Pudding

Time for dessert with the ‘serradura’ or sawdust pudding! It is a chilled cream based dessert which is more mouth-watering than the name itself. It is considered as the easiest pudding in the world, since the original Portuguese version consists of vanilla flavoured whipped cream mixed with condensed milk and layered with crushed tea biscuits (sawdust).

When the ingredients are all combined, it is all frozen to an ice cream state or deep frozen to become a cake dessert. In the other variations of this dessert, Oreo, nuts, fruits or more ingredients are also added to make it even more delicious.

Since many people love to enjoy holidays around Christmas and New Year time and discover new dishes, Macau is definitely a good destination to start with. Want to get more acquainted to the atmosphere first? You can watch some blockbuster movies filmed in Macau.