Bingo Superstitions to Boost Your Luck

Superstitions About Different Objects

Almost everyone, including sports fans, athletes and online gamers share one thing in common. This is mainly the thought that a certain object or thing would bring them luck. While some have specific rituals that they follow, others have their own lucky mantras – and some even have objects that they carry around or pick up.

What Is Your Lucky Charm?

Lady luck is sometimes capricious indeed. And when it comes to playing your favourite game of bingo, many of you might have your own good luck charm. Let’s take a look at some of the lucky charms that could perhaps boost your luck while you are benefits of the most attractive promotions at Robin Hood Bingo.

  • Lucky Numbers

Many people consider number 7 to be lucky. There are seven colours of the rainbow, seven days of the week, and for many this odd number is their favourite. In some Asian countries, the number 8 is believed to bring good luck, while the number 4 is considered as inauspicious.

  • Lucky Clothes

Some people believe that wearing a specific outfit can bring them luck. These can be in the form of a lucky pants, scarf, shirt, handkerchief, etc. One perfect example of a sportsman who strongly believes in having a lucky outfit is the legendary Michael Jordon. He had a lucky short that he wore each time he played in the NBA.

  • Beckoning Cat

Known as Maneki Neko, this cute looking cat is a very common sight in Asian countries, and it is mainly seen in Japan. They can be found practically everywhere in shops, on windowsills, as keyrings, etc. If you think that a Maneki Neko can bring you good fortune, then you can even download a GIF version of this figurine on your smartphone!

  • Lucky Horseshoe

Considered as a good luck charm since countless years, the horseshoe is perhaps one of the most common lucky physical object around the world. The horseshoe is said to have the power of warding off any evil spirit as it is made of iron. As its quite a heavy object to carry in your pocket, it would probably be wiser to opt for a lucky wallpaper of a horseshoe while playing bingo.

  • Lucky Penny

Long before there were online payment methods like PayPal, there was just one simple form of currency – the coins. Those coins were made of different metal and alloys, and have always been considered as a sign of prosperity and good fortune. In Asian culture, a penny with a hole in it is said to be twice as lucky. As they are quite small and easy to carry, many people have one in their wallet.