Blockbuster Movies Filmed In Macau

Macau is an autonomous region located on the south coast of China. Its official languages are Chinese and Portuguese. This is because Macau has been a Portuguese territory until 1999. Known today as the ‘Las Vegas of Asia’, this resort city has attracted many film makers. The mix of cultures, architectures as well as the modern casinos and luxury hotels make the place ideal for the best shots. ‘Now you see me’, ‘Unbeatable’ and ‘Skyfall’ are a few of them.

Now You See Me 2(2016)

After fleeing from a stage show, a group of illusionists find themselves in trouble in Macau, China. A tech wizard has forced the famous magicians to steal a chip that could control the whole world. The first release grossed $350 million across the globe, and won “Favourite Thriller Movie” at the People’s Choice Award. The sequel brought in £334 million to the box office worldwide! Places like the Macau Science Centre, Sands Macau Hotel, The Venetian, Rua da Felicidade and Iong’s Magic Shop were captured during the shooting of the movie.

Unbeatable (2013)

When the movie Unbeatable came out, this gave Chinese cinema the opportunity to show off. The movie is based on a retired boxing champion who moves to Macau and helps a young man train. A majority of the movie is filmed in the wide landscape of Macau.

Skyfall (2012)

After the movie Skyfall was released, it was the most renowned of James Bond movies! Being the 23rd release to feature the top secret 007 agent. This was the third time Daniel Craig came back for another role and he delivered an amazing $1.1 billion to the box office worldwide. The scene filmed in Macau, is when Bond comes face to face with the villain of the movie.

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