Constanta Casino

Now known as Romania’s crumbling ghost, Casino Constanta was once upon a time considered the “Monte Carlo” of Romania. Located on a cliffside which oversees the Black Sea, the impressive decorations and architectures can still be seen on the skeleton it is now.

Symbol Of Romania

Inaugurated in 1910, the majestic casino was the main spot for wealthy travellers and soon became the symbol of the city. As expected, the glory days of this magical place were short lived. Romania having faced two world wars led to the crumble of Casino Constanta.

During World War II the building was used as a hospital. During the post war communist regimes, the casino was used as a restaurant and by 1990 the place was abandoned. It was run down because the maintenance cost was too high, following the financial crisis of the country as well.

The Place To Be!

For people who visited the French Riviera, this was the most popular and most common place tourists would end up in. Even though you can still see the rusty rails, peeling walls and broken windows, the palace still holds impressive decorations such as heavy drapes and chandeliers throughout the building.

Even though it was used as a hospital, no paranormal incidents have been reported. It is hauntingly beautiful but not labelled as “haunted” … yet! The Romanian government has put 9.5 million euros to begin restoring of the magical place, we’ll have to wait and see!