Edward Thorp- The Man Who Beat The Casino

Edward Thorp is the master of card counting. He is not only successful in using his skills in real life situations, he is the man who invented the system of card counting. Thorp is a mathematics professor who has a master’s degree in physics and a doctorate degree in mathematics. Let’s switch to earlier days.

Earlier Years

Being an adult in the early 60’s, Thorp wasn’t as experienced about casino games and the industry. It was his friend Claude Shannon that brought him to Las Vegas. This was where his interest in Blackjack grew. After playing the game a number of times, he was convinced that there was a mathematical way for a player to gain advantage.

Edward Thorp studied the game intensely. He used the computer At the university he taught at to stimulate billions of blackjack hands. The maths of the game got more difficult as he continued the examine it, but it was just excitement for him.

After much study, Thorp realised that smaller cards held more advantage to the dealer. And when the deck was left alone, the advantage shifted onto the players side. Larger cards were more advantageous to the player and when the cards were left alone, advantage shifted to the house or dealers favour.

Breaking Casinos

Thorp and Shannon soon hit the casinos and went back home with full pockets. In today’s money, a typical weekend would net £52,500. The industry was no match for Thorp’s card counting. Attention was drawn to him when he was winning big and most were convinced he was cheating. After closely observing him, the found nothing suspicious. Casino owners simply asked him to leave because he was winning too much.

In 1962, Thorp wrote his book “Beat The Dealer.” The book detailed his card counting methods called the “ten count system.” It became a major hit and is now known as a modern-day classic. With the quick facts, it was possible for a lot of punters to study his methods.