Funniest Chat Moderator Moments

Being a chat moderator is such a fun and easy job to do. You just have to follow the rules and go with the flow. The great part is that you make friends on a daily basis and talk about anything and everything. Chat moderators have spilled out their funniest moments and they are hysterical!

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The Fire Drill

Most hosts have played this trick in the bingo rooms. One day, while saying goodbye to his roomies, the chat host told the roomies to evacuate the room in a single file. It was his way of saying “see you later.” To his surprise, all his roomies left their rooms and went into the second room he was in. He was in fits of laughter when they told him to let them know when it’s safe to come back.

The Card

On one occasion, a bingo player told the host that she put her Master Card in the CD Drive and nothing was showing on the screen. She was desperate to play bingo and the chat was in tears with laughter. He tried to explain to her the situation and she wasn’t taking it. Then, he let her calm down and explained how it doesn’t work that way and where to purchase tickets.


On leaving the bingo room to go home, a chat moderator was saying goodbye to his roomies. And one player popped up and asked him “If you go, then who’s calling the bingo?” The funniest thing is that she was being serious. He told her that the system was run on auto. Both of them were good to go.


Two chat hosts came up with an idea to build up the Halloween atmosphere. They told the roomies that every Halloween there’s a ghost that comes in the rooms on the eve. When he comes into the room, within 24 hours, all the people in the rooms vanish. They didn’t believe it. On the eve, the character made his way into the room and all the players set off within seconds. They admitted it was clever and very funny.

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