Luckiest People Ever

Ever thought about what it was like to win a massive amount of money on your favourite game? The chance for an enormous win might be far but is not impossible! Some people have won a whopping amount of money from casino’s all over, thus, naming them legends.

Best Casino Wins In History

Elmer Sherwin

It started out in 1989, where Elmer Sherwin beat the odds on a Megabucks slot machine in Las Vegas. At the age of 82, Elmer triggered a win of $4.6 million dollars! After that he continued playing the same slot machine. And at the age of 92, his big win of £2.1 million came through!


Holding the record of hitting the biggest pot on online slots is Peter, a Norwegian punter. His win came from an online slot game called Arabian Nights. This triggered him a win of 38 million Norwegian Krone.

Mike Ashley

Already a multi billionaire, the owner of Newcastle FC triggered a win of almost 2 million pounds. It all took place in a casino in London at a roulette table. He placed his bet of £480,000 on number 17, and as luck had it, the ball landed on that very number.

Don Johnson

Having his own strategies when it came to Blackjack. Although Don relied on luck, his rules left less scope to chance and laid more into strategies. This earned him a total of $15 million from three casinos within six months.

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour

Thing is that you never know how lucky you are or what might happen anytime during your play. You might be at home relaxing playing casino on your mobile, or in the park playing on your mobile. What you think is what you attract. If you walk into a casino or log into an online casino, go with the attitude that you’re there to win! If you’re always on the go, read about The Bingo Mobile Experience at Robin Hood Bingo.