Lucky Man Finds £24 Million In Pocket

The next time you put your clothes away, check your pockets! The man that goes by the name “Jimmie Smith” has managed to pocket $24 million through a lottery ticket.  The jackpot win was announced in May 2016. This led to a dramatic press release to find the winner before the ticket became insignificant.

Jimmie Spots the News

Luckily for Jimmie, he spotted the news in time! Although, there is something you should know about Jimmie. He’s the type of person who always stuffs his tickets in his pockets and checks on them on his “rainy days.” However, collecting these tickets became a problem as he never checked on them.

Mr Smith bought this lottery ticket over a year ago, something that he does weekly. The New York Gaming Commission had announced the winning numbers to the $24 million pot, and they soon became concerned. They made a press release asking everyone to check their pockets for the golden ticket, afraid the pot wouldn’t be claimed.

Jimmie Finds His Golden Ticket

Jimmie Smith managed to catch the news about the missing lottery ticket, and it prompted him to check his pocket collection. To his surprise, he found it in utter shock! Two days before the deadline, Jimmie submitted his ticket. He’s accepted to receive the payments over the duration of 26 years.

The incredible win has left Jimmie in shock, although he is now a millionaire, he still can’t believe it. This gives lottery players a solid foundation that there is a chance of winning! Superstitions are coming true!