Online Bingo Vs Land Based Bingo

Bingo has been one of the most popular games of all time and continues to grow worldwide. And online bingo has been the craze lately. It has opened up more and more opportunities for people around the world. Online bingo has been designed to look more like bingo halls and has made people feel like they are in a real bingo hall.

Land based or online?

Land based casinos have a fixed schedule whereas online bingo gives you the opportunity to play bingo whenever you feel like it. Bingo halls let you play games at certain times, but in online bingo rooms, you can pick a game of your choice with the wide selection of bingo rooms available.

The main difference between a bingo hall and an online bingo room is the convenience. Not having to get dressed and travel to a bingo hall has made playing bingo easier for bingo players. Now players get to enjoy the game in the comfort of their own home and playing at their own pace. And now, with the introduction of mobile bingo, you can play on the go, just as on

The main attraction of online bingo is the “auto-daub” feature. This is when the numbers called out by the caller are automatically marked off without you having to move a finger. With the auto- daub feature, bingo players get to chat more with the other players and play at the same time, like at Robin Hood Bingo. In land based casinos, players only get to interact during bingo breaks. During the play of the game, while the caller is on the job, players have to pay full attention. They must make sure they don’t miss out on the numbers being called.

Robin Hood Bingo offers you a wide selection of online bingo games with all the perks! These include auto daub and instant chatting with other bingo players to make your experience more enjoyable!

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