Online Vs Land Based Experience

It’s not surprising when you think of the way the internet has revolutionised online gaming. Compared to land based casinos, you can now daub your bingo cards in many new and innovative ways than before. Playing online is more flexible and convenient to all players.

Play Whenever You Want

At Robin Hood Bingo, you can hit the bingo games when you feel like it; whether sunshine or rain, day or night, you can always play your favourite bingo games. The plus factor is that you can also play wherever you want.  But do you know the difference between online and land based casinos?

Advantages of Online Casino

With the current hectic lifestyle led by most people, it is indeed convenient to have the option of playing from a mobile device while you are on the go. The mobile gaming experience means that you can have more fun whether you are relaxing in the park, taking the bus, waiting for your flight, or just lying in bed. You can have full access to the best bingo games right in the palms of your hands. Have 24-hour access to all casinos games that you like to play! Here, you’ll be free to play any time you like!

Advantages of Land Based Casinos

Land based casinos require your presence for you to have a great game play.  When you play at land based casinos, you’ll receive a real-life experience of being a punter as you’re surrounded by a different atmosphere. You can hear of all the sounds from all sorts of machines and people enjoying them. You also get to enjoy the perks of playing at a land based casinos. Some of these things are: free cocktails, buffets, hotel rooms and much more. Many punters enjoy this type of atmosphere. Even though online casinos are fun, some just cannot avoid the feeling land based casinos bring.

Both online and land based casinos have their advantages. Playing at them depends on the type of punter you are. Modern or vintage? The choice is yours!