Three Haunted Bingo Halls!

If you’re feeling fearless today, you would dare enter one of these places to play one of the best games in the world. Halloween at Robin Hood Bingo is over, but we still can get away from the hauntings and spirits that will always roam around. In the world, there are three haunted bingo halls, let’s take a look at them:

McLaughlin, South Dakota – Bear Soldier Bingo

Still a functioning bingo hall, Bear Soldier Jackpot Bingo has reported the sound of a child crying through the walls. There have also been inexplicable footsteps walking though the corridors and furniture moving on its own.  Rumor has it that the hall was built over the grounds of a former cemetery. Workers have left their jobs there, claiming to be too scared to carry on there.

Rosehill Surrey- The Grey Man

This bingo hall was built in the late 1930’s from an old theatre. The hall was first known as The Gaumont and now is called Mecca Bingo. Since the 1960’s there have been complaints about unusual sounds and sightings. Most people have reported seeing a figure they now call the “Grey Man.” After further investigation by ghost hunters, it’s been concluded that this man was a regular bingo player who committed suicide in 1965.

Chatham Kent- Man in Green

The Invicta was originally a cinema in Chatham. During WWII, the place was converted to give shelter to families houses who has been bombed. The building was hit by bombers the one night while three kids and one adult had taken shelter did not survive the attack. In the 70’s, the sightings of a green ghostly man began. A clairvoyant was brought in for further investigation, and they got to know that this man was Bill Malan. He used to work at the cinema as a commissionaire. Thus, the green uniform. The spirit is overprotective over children.