Win Fab Prizes, Coins, & Free Concert Tickets!

At Robin Hood Bingo, we are world-famous for pampering our players with loads of freebies – free bonus coins, bingo bonuses, fun prizes and other goodies are always up for grabs!

Today is no different, merry players! First up, play Extra Cash to win a £200 jackpot tonight at 9pm!

Then there’s Robin Hood Bingo’s tangible prize game, Buy It Cheap! This fun prize 75 ball bingo game plays every Tuesday at 9pm, and you’ve got the chance to win a different fabulous luxury prize every week!

Tonight, you can win a Magimix Food Processor, which is going in the shop for £200.


But at Robin Hood Bingo, you can win a Magimix from a 5p bingo game! That’s right, merry players, 5p bingo cards could buy you a brand new Magimix, or the cash equivalent. Any way you slice it (lol) that means you’re getting £200 free!

Talking of freebies, did you know that every time you buy bingo cards here at Robin Hood Bingo, you get free coins? You also get free bingo bonus coins just for logging into the site every day, and you can win loads more in chat games.

If you’re up for more cheap bingo games, be sure to check out Easy Peasy, our 90 ball bingo £50 fixed jackpot games playing all day every day from 10am-8pm, with bingo cards just 3p each! There’s £300 to be won every day!

You can also win free tickets to Rihanna’s sold out 13th July concert in Manchester. Tonight is Robin Hood Bingo’s very last Rihanna Live prebuy bingo game, where you can win 2 free tickets to the show!

Game plays at 10pm, so buy your bingo cards now for your chance to see Rihanna perform live at Manchester Arena!


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