Our Big Jackpots Keep Getting Bigger!

Hi there merry roomies! The weekend is almost upon us, and Robin’s special October Treats keep getting better!

If you thought our daily bingo jackpots were big before, this week, they just keep getting bigger! So what are you waiting for? Head to RobinHoodBingo.com today! Grab those tickets and get ready to win win win!

PLUS, don’t forget about our FREE bingo bonuses! Claim 75% (85% for VIPs) all weekend. All you have to do is visit Robin Hood Bingo™, deposit a mere £10 and use code BIG Thursday through Saturday. Click here to login and get your first bonus now!

Not a funded player yet? What are you waiting for? We’ve got an insane limited time Welcome Bonus: Make your first deposit of just £10 and you’ll get £50 absolutely FREE! There’s no time like the present, Roomies. Fund your account today! If you’re already a funded player, invite all your friends to join in on the merry fun. They’ll get £60 to play with and you’ll get £10 FREE! Pretty great, right?!

See you at Robin Hood Bingo!


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Congrats to our Chocolate Hamper Winners!

Happy Monday, Roomies! Hope you had a lovely weekend at Robin Hood Bingo™ – did you win a Chocolate Hamper or FREE bingo coins? Either way, we hope you’ll be celebrating Chocolate Week this week – go on, enjoy your fave chocs, no questions asked!

Our winners included:
• alisonlovesglyn
• golf62
• maggiemay60
• patricia55
• suzanne24
• elzan26
• katkit56
• luckysian67
• sassy6666
• sunderlandfan
• beavis2
• bonesmadelene
• flossey7
• jude5301
• nanna57

They all took home FREE bingo coins + a delectable Chocolate Hamper. Yum!

I’ll be posting about next weekend’s bingo promotion on Thursday so be sure to read the Robin Hood Bingo blog then. Here’s a little hint: it’s going to be BIG so you definitely do not want to miss out. We’ve also got our weekend bingo bonuses so head back to the blog Thursday to find out about our promotion and to get your exclusive bingo bonus code!

In the meantime, why not spend some time at Robin Hood Bingo playing all of your favourite games. Play at home or on the go with Robin Hood Bingo mobile – the fun never needs to end! Login here!

PLUS: We’ve still got our insane Welcome Bonus waiting just for you!! If you haven’t yet funded your account, now’s the time. Add £10 and get a massive £50 FREE! Invite all your friends to join in on all the Robin Hood Bingo fun as well. They will start with £60 and you will get £10 FREE for referring them – it’s a win/win, Roomies!


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Bingo to win FREE Coins & Sweet Treats!

It’s almost Chocolate Week, Roomies! That means loads of mouthwatering goodness at Robin Hood Bingo™ this weekend.

Robin’s giving away delicious Chocolate Hampers and a generous amount of FREE bingo coins! Interested? All you have to do is play bingo in Sweet Wins, 8pm-10pm until Saturday for your chance to win!

Whilst you’re playing, the CH is going to ask: “Who wants chocolate?” Be one of the first 5 players to respond with “I want chocolate please,” and you will win 500 FREE coins AND you’ll be entered into the draw to win a Chocolate Hamper. We’re giving away 15 chocolate hampers over the weekend so you have loads of chances to win!

There’s more… we’ve also got your FREE bingo bonuses! Add just £10 when you login Thursday through Saturday and use code YUMMY to claim 75% FREE (85% for VIPs)! 3 days of bonuses, Roomies. Click here to login and grab your first one now!

Let Robin Hood Bingo satisfy all your cravings this weekend. Good luck!

Pssst, we’ve still got our insane Welcome Offerplay with £60 when you add just £10! Get it before it’s gone! If you’re already a funded player, invite all your friends – they will get £50 FREE and you will get £10 FREE. Limited time only, Roomies!


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Win up to £1,000 Daily + 200% FREE all Weekend!

Hi there merry players! Hope you’ve been having a lovely week and are getting ready for a lucky weekend at Robin Hood Bingo! It’s October and we’ve got some special October Treats for you all month long!

This weekend, we’re launching a brand new bingo room! It’s called Freaky Fortunes, and you guessed it, there are some fab fortunes to be won! You can win up to £1,000 bingo jackpots every day! PLUS 1TG and 2TG players share £100 – there are loads of chances to win! Don’t miss out, play daily at 10pm. The room is only open for a limited time so check it out today…if you dare! Good luck!

There’s more… Have you been claiming your Mega Bingo Bonuses?? This weekend is the last weekend to grab yours and they are bigger than ever. 3 days – 200% FREE – claim your first one today! Click here to login, add just £10 to your Robin Hood Bingo account and use code MEGA until Saturday.

If you’re not yet a funded player, you may want to check out our limited time Welcome Offer – you can get £50 FREE when you make a first deposit of just £10! That’s 500% FREE! Hurry on over to RobinHoodBingo.com and claim it today before it’s gone!

Have a fab weekend, Roomies. Robin can’t wait to see you all at Robin Hood Bingo™!


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Robtheveg Spins to Win over £4,000! WTG!

Let’s play a game, Roomies! The prize: £2 bonus cash.

Before we get started, help me congratulate Robin Hood Bingo™ player robtheveg for winning £4,565 in one online slot game! I’m not telling you the name of the slot, though…that’s part of the game.

Here’s how it works:

Read the following clues and unscramble the word to reveal what game robtheveg was playing. Once you’ve figured it out, click here to message Robin Hood Bingo on Facebook with your answer and alias for your chance to win £2 FREE!

Here are your clues:

- It’s a progressive jackpot game
- The jackpot could get as high as £2.5 Million
- The blue genie is ready to make all your wishes come true


(NOTE: One player will win, must be funded)

PLUS don’t forget: Robin is offering a limited time insane Welcome Bonus!! Add just £10 and get £50 FREE! So if you haven’t yet funded your account, now’s the time!

See you at Robin Hood Bingo.


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FREE Bingo Tickets. £55,000 JP. LAST CHANCE!

Hi there merry players! Hope you’ve been having a lucky week and are ready to have an even luckier weekend at Robin Hood Bingo™!

£55,000 Grand 55 Jackpot – LAST CHANCE

The Grand 55 Bingo Jackpot is about to break! Do you have your bingo tickets? Are you ready to win £55,000??? There’s still time to get your FREE tickets, Roomies, but you have to hurry! There are 4 bingo rooms with free games daily PLUS this weekend, you can win 5 EXTRA free tickets! Simply play your fave bingo and instant games to be entered into the draw. 10 lucky players will win. The more tickets you have the more likely you are to take home our fab jackpot! Click here to login.

10 Days of MEGA Bingo Bonuses

That’s right, our MEGA Bingo Bonuses are back! This weekend, you can claim up to 100% FREE! Thurs, Fri and Sat, deposit just £10 into your bingo account and use code MEGA to grab your bingo bonuses. That’s not all though…these bonuses will be around for 10 whole days so be sure to visit Robin Hood Bingo daily to claim yours. Login now to claim your first MEGA Bonus.

Robin can’t wait to see you this weekend, Roomies. Good luck!


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Congrats to our Cupcake Making Set Winners!

WTG, Roomies! The following players each took home a fab Cupcake Making Set:

diamonds1960 – penny66 – mandy711171 – nannyoftwelve – annette83 – ryadosmumxxx – luckyloooo – luckyladywin – maggie8777 – moonieplayer


If you won, what flavour cupcakes would you be making? Robin’s favourite is chocolate…he can’t get enough!

Now I know Monday isn’t the most popular day of the week, but here’s a little hint…head to Robin Hood Bingo, play some of your fave games and your Monday might not be so bad. If you’re at work maybe you can sneak in a game with Robin Hood Bingo Mobile. Today may be the day you hit the jackpot, Roomies! GL!

Be sure to visit the Robin Hood Bingo blog this Thursday for our next promotion – it’s going to be a good one PLUS Mega Bonuses are back!


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Add £10 Play with £60! Insane New Welcome Offer!

That’s right, Robin is offering a brand new Welcome Bonus and it’s pretty amazing! For a limited time only, join Robin Hood Bingo and get 500% FREE when you make your first deposit of just £10. That means £50 FREE!

If you’re not yet a funded player, now’s the time! If you are, invite all your friends to join in on the fun. You’ll get a £10 bingo bonus and they’ll get £50 FREE!

Wondering what it’s like to be a funded player? Here are just a few fab perks:
- Amazing jackpots up to £2.5 Million
- Loads of bingo and slots with some very generous prizes
- FREE coins daily
- Mobile bingo – the fun never needs to end and you’ll never miss a win
- Special VIP scheme

Click here to join. It’s simple… fill out your information, make your first deposit and get started with £60! It’s so good. Don’t miss out!

Already a member but haven’t yet made your first deposit? Your limited time Welcome Bonus awaits. Click here to sign in and get started with £60!

See you at Robin Hood Bingo™!


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It’s a Mouthwatering Cupcake Making Set Giveaway!

Can you smell it, merry player? That’s the smell of Robin baking some delicious cupcakes! It’s Cupcake Week and we’re celebrating with some tasty treats at Robin Hood Bingo™.

We’re giving away 10 Cupcake Making Sets! Want one? All you have to do is hop on the Sugar Train! Play the sweetest online slot game Thurs-Sat to be entered into the draw. All you have to do is spin and you may be one of our lucky winners. Will you share your cupcakes if you win?

With all those cupcakes going around, don’t forget to claim your FREE bingo bonuses! Login here Thurs, Fri and Sat, add just £10 to your account, use code CAKE and claim 70% FREE (80% for VIPs). It’s as easy as pie…or rather cupcakes!

It’s going to be a delicious weekend, Roomies. GL!



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Win a Share of £200 in Shopping Vouchers!

Oh hi there, Merry Players! How are you doing? Have your weekend plans sorted?

Are you excited for Fashion Week? You better bet we’re celebrating in style at Robin Hood Bingo™ and we want you to be a part of it all! How, you may ask? We’re giving away £200 in Shopping Vouchers and we want YOU to win your share! Head to Luck n’ Roll at RobinHoodBingo.com Thursday through Saturday (7pm-11pm) for your chance to win. Bingo on the Shopping Bag pattern to be entered into the draw. Four lucky players will win.

There’s more… don’t forget to claim your free bingo bonuses! Deposit just £10 into your account and use code STYLE to get 65% (75% for VIPs) FREE Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Click here to login.

Wishing you the most fab weekend, Roomies. See you at Robin Hood Bingo!


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