Hello Kitty Bingo

We here at Robin Hood Bingo™ know how much you love bingo…and maybe you’ve passed on this bingo-loving tradition to your children, nieces, nephews and possibly grandchildren if you got em’.

Many of us here at Robin Hood Bingo HQ are getting our Christmas shopping in a bit early this year, and whilst browsing for gifts for the kiddies we came across the sweetest bingo game for little ones – Hello Kitty Bingo !!!

That sweet pink kitty is now featured in an adorable kitty bingo game which little ones can start playing as early as age 4. And we know some of our little ones will be in heaven this season!

play kitty bingo with your little ones!

This kitty bingo game is super cute and super easy to play, too. The game is for 2 to 6 players so friends, siblings and cousins can join in the fun. There are six kitty bingo cards with pictures, and there is an oversize dice which reveal what letter and picture (so no giant ball wheel is needed!) If players can find a match on their card, they place a token there. The first player to cover 5 squares in a row wins kitty bingo !!!

The kitty bingo game also comes with an extra die (you know how the little ones are always losing things!) plus a set of rules for any older players who want to play.

We believe this kitty bingo game truly is the purrrrfect bingo game for your little ones this season. It doesn’t cost a “furtune” (lol) either – you can get this fun kitty bingo game for just £8 or less!

You can buy this Kitty Bingo gift from Amazon website !!!




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