Bingo Myths BUSTED!

With the cold weather and dark night’s drawing in, it’s easy to start feeling a little miserable and down on your luck. I got to thinking about some questions I am frequently asked by players itching for a win, and I decided it was about time we busted some of the biggest bingo myths out there. I hope this post sheds some light for you roomies, and remember, there’s no better way to spend chilly winter nights than cuddled up on the sofa with a duvet, a cuppa and Robin Hood Bingo!

Are some numbers luckier than others?

Nope. The real truth is that every number on your bingo card has exactly the same chance of being called. Whilst some roomies may consider some numbers luckier than others (their children’s birth dates for example), basic maths tells us that each number has an equal probability of being picked.

Why do I see the same winners all the time?

Losing is no fun, and it’s easy to get frustrated when you’ve not had any luck come your way and other players are winning three times in a row. It’s important to remember that all online bingo sites are regulated by the Gaming Commission and are required by law to generate game results completely randomly. This means that the results can’t be fixed or pre-determined in any way, so if it seems that the same player is always winning it probably means that she had simply bought more cards.

What’s the best strategy for playing bingo?

As I said before, players may feel that some numbers are luckier for them than others, but the real truth is that there’s no ‘strategy’ to playing bingo. Buying more cards does of course increase your chances of winning, but this can never be guaranteed and it only takes one ticket! I’ve often seen players with just 1 ticket in the game win, where others have max bought. The best advice I can give is to play for fun, enjoy making new friends in chat and cross your fingers for a nice win.

So what are you waiting for, play now!

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