Get up to scratch with the Bingo Chat Lingo!

Chatting to friends and meeting new ones is one of the best bits about playing online bingo games! But with players using all sorts of bingo lingo, the chat rooms can be a daunting place if you’re new to bingo and online chat. So if you’re mixing up your LOLs and your L8Rs, or you don’t know your BRBs from your BTWs, we’ve put together this handy list of popular chat terms to help you along your way!




1tg, 2tg, 3tg        Number of balls to go to Bingo!

B4N                        Bye for now

BRB                        Be right back

BTW                       By the way

CM or CH             Chat Moderator or Chat Host

GL                           Good luck!

GLNG                    Good luck next game

GLA                       Good luck all

G2G                       Got to go

HAGD                   Have a good day

HB                          Hurry back

K                             Ok

L8R                        Later

LMAO                   Laughing my a** off

NP                          No problem

OMG                      Oh my gosh

PLZ                        Please

PMSL                    Peeing myself laughing

ROFL                     Rolling on floor laughing

Roomie                Players in the chat room

SOZ                        Sorry

TC                           Take care

TY                           Thank you

WB                         Welcome back

WD                         Well done

WDW                    Well done winner

WTG                      Way to go

XTRA GL             Extra good luck

YVW                    You’re very welcome


So now you’re all set to enjoy some fun bingo chat!

 Love, Marion x

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