Mega Bingo Jackpots and Free Coins!

Spring is in the air, merry fellows, and we couldn’t be happier! We hope you are too, which is why we’ve got so many exciting promos coming up to keep you rolling in Robin’s riches.

You already know about our £10,000 Money Bunny Train, which you can prebuy tickets to now for just 50p. The game plays 3rd April at 10pm, so it’s just a few weeks away. Make sure you’re on board before this mega bingo jackpot leaves town!


Tomorrow another fab new promo starts, and that’s Super Bonus Weekend! From Wednesday till Saturday you’ll get loads of bonuses, starting with free bingo bonuses from promo codes of 60% to 80% – the bonuses increase every day.

There’s also a £50 guaranteed jackpot game playing every hour! Check back at the Robin Hood Bingo Blog tomorrow for more details, and start getting rewarded!

Plus, today is The Secret Millionaire! From 9-10pm in the Strike it Lucky Room, bingo on the diamond pattern (which appears every ten minutes) to win 5 Free tickets to PayDay Bingo!

What’s more, during chat after every game one player is picked to be the secret millionaire, and he or she will give loads of coins to the other roomies! 

Will you be the secret millionaire, or the secret millionaire’s BFF? Play tonight to find out…you could be winning free tickets and loads of free coins!

Looking for more bingo games to play before the Secret Millionaire? Why not pop on by the Strike it Lucky Room? Tickets start at 1p and 75 ball bingo games begin at 5p.

If you like 5-line bingo, play the Money Tree every day from 11am-11pm. At Robin Hood Bingo, there’s loads of 75 ball and 90 ball bingo games for your palying pleasure. And with our super hot spring promos just beginning, you’ll be sure to be captivated 24/7!

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